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Open je hart voor het Grootste Licht Transformatie Weekend ⚡Open your heart to the Greatest Light Transformation Weekend

dear readers,

The heart is the most important organ in our body. After all, a beating heart is the beginning of life here on Earth.

The founder of Buddhism, Shi Jia Mo Ni Fo /Gautama Buddha, spent forty-nine years of his life teaching. One of his profound and sacred teachings was:

All diseases arise from the heart. Healing the heart means curing all diseases.

The spiritual grouphealing session on Dec. 1, 2023 will include bringing light to the heart and helping you heal and open the heart.

Opening the heart (further) is one of the most important things we can do daily.

Within us and around us is the light and unlimited creative power of the Tao.
The more connection we can make with the field of the unlimited potential of the Tao, the better we can realize our dreams, in the areas of health, relationships, finances, etc.

How do we connect? Through our heart.
The heart is the receiver of all information in and around us. The further the heart can open, the more we can receive.

That sounds very logical and simple. But in reality it is not always so simple, because of the many impurities and blockages we can have in our hearts. The group session can help you transform these.

So tonight’s group session, in my opinion, is a wonderful preparation for the Greatest Light Transformation Weekend! The more our hearts can open, the more we can receive during the Sound Healing Concert in which Dr. and Master Sha further opens the portal to the Tao for all who participate.

And during the Transformation Day on Sunday, each participant will learn how to further strengthen that connection yourself so that your creative power increases.

There are many spiritual teachers who can teach you wonderful techniques that are very effective, but what makes Dr. and Master Sha so special is the transmission of the Light Treasures. That is something I have not seen any other teacher do in that way. That is why many who are seriously ill ask Dr. and Master Sha for help.

This weekend, 3 light transmissions will be given as a gift to each participant.

Each light transmission helps to increase your own connection to the Tao within you and around you. It is a permanent light transmission that you can activate at any time to bring more connection, more harmony into your life.
For 13 years I have experienced the special power and added value of these Light Transmissions.

They literally saved my life. They have helped many of my loved ones regain their health. I know many worldwide who have experienced the same thing.
Those light transmissions are extremely valuable. You have to experience it, I think, to really understand it. And this weekend everyone has the opportunity to experience it!

Even if you cannot watch the online sessions, you receive these light transmissions if you are registered and I can tell you, for that reason alone, registration is valuable. (And then I can always teach you later how to use them).
That is the reason why many expectant mothers already register their unborn child, so that it comes into this world with more inner light. Also young children or elderly people, who cannot watch workshops themselves (yet) get wonderful support in this way.
But every moment you watch, your inner light is strengthened and your blueprint is filled with new possibilities.

I am so looking forward to the weekend myself!

You can still sign up! The concert is less than 25 euros (35 CAD), I can hardly fathom it, but even in that event a light transmission is given as a gift 🌟.
You can follow the whole weekend for about 89 euros (119 CAD) and then you will receive 3 light transmissions 🌟🌟🌟. The value of this is many, many, many times higher.

Are you giving yourself this gift? Or perhaps to your family members to bring more light into your family line?

The reason the price is so low has nothing to do with it having no value. On the contrary!
It is so much needed at this time to bring more light, that the price is so low, that many more people have the opportunity to participate, at this time when financial challenges are present for many.

And then think 1 step further.

Think of all the thousands of people and animals who are already registered and many more are added every day.
Per registration, it’s 1 or 3 light transmissions. So that’s many thousands of transmissions that are going to be send all over the world this weekend.

How much more light will come to Mother Earth with this!
That is the idea behind this event!!! Bringing more light to Earth, by increasing the light in people and animals.
My heart opens wide at the thought of so much more light coming to Earth. It is SO much needed.

And you can contribute to that. Will you be there? Do you choose to let your loved ones be there?
I do 💗😊 Personally, I didn’t hesitate for a second.

And because I know the value of this so well and feel the importance of more light on earth is so great, I would go so far as to say that if you have to choose financially between the group healing session and the weekend, choose the weekend!
If you can do both, then opening your heart tonight is a very good preparation! As mentioned, the more open your heart is, the more transformation you can receive.

I will reiterate the links for registering for the weekend here.

There are 4 different options in December and 1 in January and I will post all 5 links below.
For those who do not speak English there is the possibility of simultaneous translation into Dutch.

🌟1) I want to be at the CONCERT online on December 2, 2023. (35 CAD)
Gift to all who are registered:
1 x Tao Treasure: Da Ai Greatest Love Tao Transformative Treasure (usually $100 CAD)

🌟2) I want to be at the TRANSFORMATION DAY online on December 3, 2023 (96 CAD)
Gift to all who are registered:
1 x High-Level Rainbow Light Treasures (usually $150 CAD)

🌟3) I want to be there the WHOLE WEEKEND online. (119 CAD)
Gift to all who are registered:
1 x Tao Treasure: Da Ai Greatest Love Tao Transformative Treasure (usually $100 CAD)
2 x High-Level Rainbow Light Treasures (usually $300 CAD)

🌟4) I’m ALL IN and fly to Toronto to be there all weekend In Person. Note: only a few spots still available. (170 CAD)
Gift to all who are registered:
1 x Tao Treasure: Da Ai Greatest Love Tao Transformative Treasure (usually $100 CAD)
 2 x High-Level Rainbow Light Treasures (usually $300 CAD)

🌟5) The first TRANSFORMATION DAY in the new year is on January 14, 2024. Start your year in a POWERful way!
Gift for every registered participant:
2x Tao Rainbow Light Treasures (Value $300) & 1 Tao Light Soul Operation (Value $1,000)

You can still participate tonight, of course.

And do you feel the importance of this as I do? Then please SHARE my blog with others!

Whatever your choice, I wish everyone much light this coming weekend.

And if you are already celebrating St. Nicholas, I wish you a very happy evening.

More information about the Greatest Light Transformation Weekend and registration links:

 dec. 2/3: Laat je innerlijke vonk ontvlammen ⚡ dec. 2/3: Ignite your inner spark – Informatie van Hart en Ziel (

You can read more about the group session and the Fire Element on the website:

If you would like to read more about the theory of the Five Elements, please continue to read the information on my blog:

Experiences from the first group session for the FIRE element


Before the session I was a bit restless, angry, probably due to turmoil that is there at my work. During the session I felt a lot of warmth again and afterwards I was very relaxed. Thanks again for this healing!


When I was waiting for the train at the station between 19.30 and 19.45 I felt the energy increase and tingling from head to toe. On the train I noticed how all overpowering the energy was going through me. I closed my eyes and tried to close myself off to receive with attention. I saw visualizations of silhouettes of people/beings of light (I couldn’t tell the difference because I could only see outlines) meditating cross-legged in a large circle with lots of light in the circle and around it, in a serene peaceful setting. As the end of the session approached, I felt a strong pressure and pain in my lower back slightly on the right side. When I read your report I thought it may have been due to the light to my lower Dan tian which I felt very strongly.

Once at home, a lot of sadness and emotion was felt, which I was then able to take more conscious steps to release. I also recognize the description in the report so strongly in how it felt after the group session “to love unconditionally” and also the healing and forgiveness that are part of that. I also feel more surrender and trust in the path I am currently on.


I can’t say exactly what has changed since Friday, but it feels lighter and more spacious in my heart and it’s like I feel more nuances, even beyond my heart, in my whole sensation.


Our dog was sick on Friday, but after the group session he was much better the next day! He was happy, wanted to go outside again and didn’t throw up anymore. This is very nice and I am grateful that he and I were able to participate in the special group healing.

Love Barbara

~ True beauty is revealed only if there is light from within ~

Certified Soul Healer, Soul Teacher, Soul Communicator (Readings Akashic Records) en Guan Yin Lineageholder


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